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Show season

So we are well into the show season now, Royal Windsor is behind us and I still feel so honoured to have been there. The reaction to my creations was totally overwhelming!

When you are working away on your bags in your own space you hope every new bag will be well received but you can’t tell until it either sells on this website or it goes down well on Facebook, but to see peoples pick them up put them on and adore them absolutely means the world to me.

The success of Royal Windsor means I’m able to carry on with what I love and now the job of making more for the next show The Game Fair at Ragley Hall.

It’s a race against time to restock but I won’t deviate from carefully making every creation by hand. This obviously slows down production but I truly believe that a handbag that’s cut out by hand , stitched by hand and finished by those same hands will always be superior to any item made as part of a production line pumping out quantity.

It always also surprises me that my bags are actually cheaper than similar bags that are churned out on a machine, how does that work? perhaps I’m just not about making my millions but about seeing those faces pick up what I have created and saying they love what I do.

More shows are ahead for me so i just wish each day had more hours and each week had more days.

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