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Saddles galore!

Well how many saddles does one person need, a lot obviously!

the last few days have mostly been spent collecting or having saddles delivered.

Each one is very different so each one is exciting, they seem to talk to me so I know exactly what I'm going to do with each one.

It takes time to strip down each saddle and this job is quite hard on the hands, I try and change my blade used so I have a new blade for each saddle but sometimes I forget and then I struggle. I really try and strip every bit of leather off each one .

Its amazing how useful each and every scrap of leather is, but my poor little workshop gets ever fuller with now only a little area available for me to work in, I'm like a little pig in muck though content to have a brimming store of precious leather.

So today I've stripped down a small black pony saddle and i've decided to make an Original Saddle Bag for my sales page. Its going to be cute as its got dear little knee rolls, hopefully it will be available to buy by Monday next week, lots of stitching left to do.

The pressure is on to keep my shop stocked and complete customer orders.

Lots of husbands are getting organised early and the saddle bags are flying off the shelves, there are going to be some very lucky ladies who will be the owners of a Bradley Leatherwork one off handbag.

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