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Never been busier or happier

I really do thrive on being busy, waking up everyday knowing i will be in my happy place, Bertha the horsebox making commissions. I have a lot of commissions and everyday a new one comes in.

I adore that my handbags are desired, that they are on wish lists, partners have been told about them and hints given, that they are the topic of conversation all over the world.

This website lets me know where visitors come from right down to the town they live in or work, let alone the country they live in, it's fascinating in terms of geography.

Making commissions is also obviously stressful, I have a saddle that holds so many special memories of amazing four legged friends in front of me ready to cut up. I work very hard to get the bag perfect for my customers but to ease the stress I have to also make a handbag for the website every now and again, I can let my creative juices run wild and I feel free when doing this.

My head is constantly thinking of bags and tack and ideas and I can never escape this, luckily I don't want to.

So the run up to Christmas and way beyond is going to be hectic. I will have to take a few days off at some point because my horsebox is looking like a hoarders house! A tidy workshop is a quiet workshop. My family often wonder how beautiful bags are created in the chaos that is Bertha!

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