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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I really didn't think a few short years ago that when making dog collars my business would grow to what it is now.. I realised recently that I've never had an empty order list and Ive never not had something to make or a new idea to put into play.

I am certainty at my maximum capacity of making, I returned from Burghley with a 50+++ order book, I made and made and made and then realised I still had 50 to go as daily more orders come in, I now know really well all the delivery drivers who know where to find me , in my horsebox.

I am luckily a hard worker, I feel when you love doing something as much as I love making bags it's not really work, it's a pleasure a Hobby an obsession !

My business will never get bigger than just me in my horsebox, I always want to be able to control what goes out under my name, I would never trust anyone to deliver a quality product, perhaps that's just my ocd coming out!

I also do not want to have to rent a property or building because I've got too big for my horsebox, the cost of a workshop has to be paid by someone and at the end of the day it will always be the customer, I strive to keep my prices as reasonable as I can, but handstitching takes many hours and there are no shortcuts to a proper job.

I do have competition in this business, I am only one of a very small few who create bags using only traditional methods and tools, I could very quickly run a bag up on a machine but what difference would it be to a mass produced bag made abroad.

I'm often amused to see that my handmade bags are actually cheaper than ones made by my competitors on a machine, but these companies have to pay for grand workshops and photo shoots, here's where I'm also very lucky as I have a very beautiful and photogenic daughter and a workshop that's a horsebox in my paddock.

So my aim is always to keep prices reasonable for you my customers , and I love being busy so keep those saddlebag orders rolling in x

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