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How to get a saddlebag made

How to get a saddlebag made from your saddle.

First things first is to get your saddle out of the loft, Tackroom or garage.

Take a photo of your saddle sideways on so I can see the saddle flap.

I can then let you know which style of handbag would suit your saddle.

The best way to see all the different styles is to look through my shop page, each handbag is unique but it will give you a good idea.

I can make bags that are very small, small, medium, large and very large.

When preparing to send the saddle attach your name and either an email address or a mobile number.

I usually recommend Evri and I recommend that the saddle is put in layers of bags with perhaps an old towel, bubble wrap or a blanket. Tape up the outside very well. This method is so much better for my lovely lady courier to carry.

I don't recommend boxes as the saddles are always half out by the time they arrive.

Once your saddle is with me you join my waiting list, sadly the list is always long but I promise your bag will be worth the wait.

Once it's your turn I will contact you and we can discuss the many options you will have, I will keep contacting you throughout the day just to check details.

Then I will send you a pic of the finished bag, if you love it, it's yours! I don't take deposits and you don't have to buy if it's not for you. This has never happened whilst making a commission and this is because you get so much say in the design and making process.

Your bag is now yours and you are now able to have all those adventures taking memories with you ❤️

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