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Bradley Leatherwork musings

I've always wanted my own blog and now I have one.

Time will tell if I've got time to write anything but I will try.

Today is a rainy November day and no work is being done due to looking after my granddaughter

Daisy, she's supposed to be at school but its shut due to covid.

I have to post a few orders today and try and finish a really tricky bag, it was a pair of boots but the customer wanting them to be made into a double boot bag. Im also going to be using the customers own tack to make the handles and straps.

Sometimes the desire to design and make bags for this website has to be delayed to do my bread and butter jobs, don't get me wrong I love doing commissions but I've constantly got new ideas flashing through my head and if I don't work on those ideas straight away I lose them.

Its funny my bag making for customers seems to go in blocks, over the summer it was The Showstoppers, I literally couldn't make them quick enough, then this autumn its been non- stop Original saddle bags.

I had to make a showstopper last week for the website and I really had to concentrate to be able to make one, I just get out of the swing of all my different designs. I think doing it like this is also a good thing as it makes me come up with different little ideas.

The Showstopper I've just made has a part of a head collar as the fastening, I will probably do the next few like this as I've got a healthy supply of old headcollars.

So I'm off shortly to pack up my orders, head off to the post office and back into workshop for the evening to finish that tricky double boot handbag.

See you soon x

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