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What a day

I had to start the day with a bit of a clear up after a busy weekend in the workshop.

I made myself do it after having a needle accident...

Leatherwork needles are quite big as you can imagine and quite thick, they aren’t particularly sharp. I’m always dropping them on the floor and am a bit lazy about picking them up so I shouldn’t have been surprised that I trod on one, it went clean through my boot and into my foot, I then discovered that it didn’t go in pointy end first, the eye of the needle went in instead. It came out quite quickly as you can imagine.

No needles are now on my floor!!!

Lesson learnt the hard way.

I’m having a good sort out and will be putting more stock on the website and Facebook This week.

I have some lovely dog collars and leads all hand-stitched that will be uploaded too.

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