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New Ideas!when at shows I’m always asked about small bags, what have I got in a small size?

The Smidgen is born!

It's strange how ideas just pop into my head, but pop in they do and for that I'm grateful.

Why I didn't think of it before I do not know.

I really rate this new bag, it's adorably equestrian to look at, it's like a tardis due to its lovely deep gusset so everything that's needed just fits nicely in.

It's timelessly fashionable and will last for years, in the event that it's run over by a train, it's easily repaired by myself, a train running over it is really the only way it will come apart.

Handstitching really makes handbags strong.

So I'm off to make more of these little beauties, the only problem I have is choosing what colour shall I make tonight.

Any questions don't hesitate to ask x

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