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It’s never Thursday already.I'm still taking orders ready for Christmas !


The week is rushing away with me again, I’m super busy just how I like it.

Today Ive been working on a customer commission Original saddle bag the one with the leopard cow hide gusset. It’s going to be a stunning back and I can’t wait to show you it in it’s finished state.

I've been doing a personalised key ring order too I’m always so surprised how long the little jobs take, but I am realising I’m a perfectionist ! So nothing is every going to be just a quick job.

Then at the end of the day I started a boot bag, the boot is also a hair on cow hide similar to the one I have in the shop but this one will have a simple decorative snaffle as an additional feature.

The boot bag is going to be stock for the website shop.

Its been a busy website shop day with lots of special bags going. X

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