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Welcome to Bradley Leatherwork, the home of the handmade ,unique and very stylish handbags and accessories  made from saddles, tack and boots, made exclusively by Tanya Bradley.


When you are having fun, and creating something you love it shows in the product. I believe you can transfer that energy to material things as you're creating them. Tom Ford 


This is a statement I truly believe in, I can guarantee I put my heart and soul into every bag, attention to detail and quality workmanship is what I’m about, I’m very approachable and am always happy to help you with designs and ideas to suit your needs.           

My range of products have evolved from my quest to make my puppy a dog collar six and a half years ago. 

It’s amazing how my business has evolved from this. Traditional leatherwork is addictive, all of my bags unless stated are made totally by hand from saddles and tack using only traditional methods and tools. This ancient way ensures strength and longevity, your purchase is guaranteed to last , giving you value for money over many years. 

The true meaning of a Bag for life.

Please feel free to contact me to answer any questions you may have

 Saddles that are old or broken are always required, please send me photos.
                 Thank You

               Tanya Bradley

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There you will see new designs and bags as they evolve

The Bradley Range of Handmade handbags


The Original Saddle Bag

The Original Saddle Bag is as the name suggests the first bag to be made from a vintage saddle .The bag is made from the saddle leather using a new leather gusset to ensure strength style and longevity. The smooth look can only be achieved by hand stitching every piece together using traditional methods and waxed thread.The gusset is made using beautiful new leather in a choice of colours.This bag can be made from a customers own saddle or from my vast supply.

The size of the Original Handbag varies greatly depending on the size of the saddle used.

The customer can be involved in the finished result to choose colours, strap and closure design.

Please message me to help guide you through the process.


The Collecting Ring

The Bag for all reasons! This is the perfect go anywhere do anything handbag.Stylish and very functional and completely handmade from start to finish this bag oozes quality and taste.Can be made from your saddle or mine and again you can choose the features like closures, flap shapes and gusset colours.The amazing go to bag that shouts Equus. Please contact me to help guide you through the process.


The Showstopper Anthonia

Dreams are made of these! This design came to me in the middle of the night on my late Fathers Birthday. I don’t know if it was a dream or a thought but when I got up I knew exactly how to make it! A bag design that’s obviously very dear to my heart. A smaller bag but a lovely pleasing shape and large enough to carry keys, purse and a   Lipstick or a hoof pick! The Anthonia has a carrying handle and a fully adjustable shoulder/ across body strap.The strap can be removed and the bag can be carried in the hand or on the crook of your arm.Tack is used for the handle and strap to continue the saddlery theme. A very much loved member of the range. 

25 cm wide x 14 cm tall.


The Showstopper Bunny

A lovely little handmade bag which is the same shape as the Anthonia with the only difference being this bag only has the handle so can be carried in the hand or in crook of arm.


The Showstopper Dolly

Another charming bag in the Showstopper range. The same shape as both the Anthonia and the Bunny this bag has a long strap which can be worn on the shoulder or across body.


The Celebration Bubble Bag

A very cute design of bag made using a celebration chocolate tin lid as the template.I love the shape of the bubble bit so I use this bit as a design feature.Can be made from your saddle or mine and as will all my bags you can choose gusset colours from my range of beautiful leathers

24cm x 24cm


The Bradley Boot Bag

The BRadley boot bag is just the best way of recycling those broken leaky yard boots and instead of them going into the bin a super cute little bag has evolved.Send me a pair of boots and I will send you back a handbag for £55.Send me one boot and I will send you back a bag for £65.If you’d like two bags made the price is £130. Please message me for further details.


The Murphy

The Murphy is an open top handbag which was originally commissioned by a customer and now named after her horse, with a strap closure.Made from a saddle with a new leather smooth gusset.The strap can either be made from a stirrup leather or a rein both being fully adjustable.


The Spirit Handbag

Another very special bag to me, I made this bag in memory of my very special pony that I hand raised from an orphan foal, he was my friend for 28 years.His registered name has been put on the brass plaque proudly on the front of my bag.I can make you a bag to this design either from your saddle or mine and tack can be used for the handle and strap.You too can have your horses name placed on the front bag of the bag if you require it. 


The Hoys

The Hoys is I think the perfect handbag. The wide gusset allows for a huge amount of necessities to be carried safely. The gusset can be made in a choice of many colours or can be blended to the saddle.A choice of straps can be had, webbing ,reins or stirrup leathers.


The Phoenix 

 Out of the ashes The Pheonix rises! named after a bit of a turbulent few years Nationally and personally. I love the design of this bag especially the fact that the strap is wrapped around the whole bag.

This bag can come in a choice of gusset colours and materials used, denim, cord, lamp wick the choice is yours.

this bag is a medium sized being

W 29cm H 23cm


The Tanya B Rucksack

The unisex rucksack is the perfect way to carry your belongings hands free.
Im able to make a rucksack from any saddle, sizes vary depending on the saddle


The Posh And Country

The Posh And Country is a bag very similar to The Spirit Handbag with a few differences, the gusset is wider and the size of the bag is smaller than The Spirit.
Available in a choice of gusset colours and hair on hides.
Please message me to discuss options.


The Nessie Fanny Bag

The Nessie was made for a lovely customer of mine who requested a bag that could be worn around the waist whilst horse riding or dog walking.

The Nessie is attached to your own belt via two sturdy belt loops at the back of the bag. 

Secured with either a magnetic closure or a buckle closure.

Please contact me if you require a bag made where you can choose gusset colour and specific closure type.

20cm x 10cm

If you require a larger size please contact me also as i'm happy to accommodate larger phones.


The Showstopper Rosette

The Showstopper Rosette was created to accommodate all the little extras that we just love to carry with us.The Rosette has the same beautiful curved design as the smaller showstoppers and comes in the same range ie The Anthonia, The Dolly and The Bunny.W30 cm x H19cm x D12cm


The Prust

The Prust is in the true sense of the word a saddlebag that attaches to the saddle via three attachment points, to carry belongings whilst riding.

perfect for essential medications, first aid kit, lunch or even wire cutters and a hoof pick.

The Prust comes complete with a metal tin.

the Prust comes with a very handy metal tin inside


The Lucky Saddlebag

The Lucky can be made from most types of saddle.
This bag is a lovely neat size but can have the advantage of a wider gusset to enable a greater capacity.


The Celebration

The Celebration handbag lends itself perfectly to display a special bit on its front.
Carry that bit with you wherever you go.


The Hunter Satchel

The Hunter Unisex Satchel is the perfect bag for work or as a weekender bag.
The size of this style bag depends on the size and type of saddle.
This bag can be made into an across body bag or as a shoulder bag.


The Daisy Doodle

This style of bag is another style of bag that displays a special bit , the bit becomes the bags handle with the across body strap also coming off the bit.


The Hunting Spirit

This Bag is the same shape as The Spirit bag but with one difference, these bags have side panels featuring gorgeous fabric. These panel’s certainly add a  pop of art which can feature animals, horses, dogs, florals and even Paddington Bear! The skies the limit! 


Bradley Leatherwork was founded by myself, Tanya Bradley with the purpose of bringing you handbags and accessories made from materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. 
Seeing products in those broken items has been a real labour of love, from the design to the making each stage is undertaken by myself, ensuring the quality and workmanship of each item.
I can make all of my bags to order from either your own saddle or mine.
I work very closely with you my customer  so we can both achieve the bag of your dreams.
'Dreams are quite literally made of these'

If a jobs worth doing.....

At Bradley leatherwork quality workmanship and customer satisfaction are my missions. 
Each item is a piece of art that I am very proud to produce for you.
Being handmade from start to finish each item takes many hours to complete and this means your item will stand the test of time.
You are able to care for your bag as you would your saddle or bridle and it will just get better and better with time and use.


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