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“Hallowed Rose” Spirit saddlebag

“Hallowed Rose” Spirit saddlebag

SKU: Hallowed rose spirit

Here is the charity bag of the week in support of World Horse Welfare.

For every bag of the week sold, I will donate £50 to World Horse Welfare – supporting horses in need in the UK and globally.

I’m bringing Floral to saddlebags and this is a lovely unique example.

This handbag has been made from a vintage saddle that was no longer wanted or loved, cast out and ready for landfill.

Just imagine the stories that this saddle could tell, adventures had on beautiful horses, long gone!

Now in honour of those horses the saddle can shine again in a new role.

Ready for new adventures and to be loved and cherished.

This bag has my all new easy closure made from a headpiece.

Fully adjustable rein strap.

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