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A Bit About Us…

Hello and Welcome.

My name is Tanya and I live in Wimborne Dorset with my partner Andrew and our wonderful little Dog Tank who is fast approaching being 3 years old.

Tank is a French Bulldog and it has to be said one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever known, he’s super laid back and just has coolness running through his veins.

Tank started all this off by needing a collar and as I seem to like a vast range of everything he ended up with a few, I wasn’t happy with any of them so the quest to learn how to make my own started.

I didn’t want to just make collars and leads from a sheet of purchased leather, I wanted to make my items slightly different so i came up with the idea of using recycled leather. Many of my collars and leads are made from horse tack, reins make a super strong lead, stirrup leathers are lovely for dog collars.

I also wanted to completely hand make every item, every process is done without a machine using traditional methods and tools including the double needle saddlers stitch.

Using these traditional methods ensures the strength of my products, my dog collars and leads will withstand the rigours of a dogs life.

I am aiming towards using 100% recycled leather in everything I make…..